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Medical Collection

Stage 3 Diabetic / Orthopedic Shoes

Stage 3 shoes are the ultimate solution for diabetic patients who can not be fitted with normal off-the-shelf shoes. These shoes are designed to accommodate certain deformities such as severe edema, Charcot or bunion, to provide support and protection. All of the shoes in this category are coded under Medicare PDAC A5500 for diabetic patients. Stage 3 shoes cover over four true widths, double depth, triple-depth or supra depth toe box with large built-in volume, surgical opening and wound-care protection, all come with seamless lining at the toe, removable insoles, enclosure with straps or laces and extended sizes and widths. Styles include women’s medical collection 628-E, 608, 618, 9226, 9301-C, 9301- X, 9301-E, 637, 638, 639, men’s styles include 728-E, 708, 718, 511, 502-C, 503- C, 504-C, 502-X, 502-E, 737, 738 and 739, also include insoles 305, 308 and 309.